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This month we talk about values with Carmelo Sánchez, SEK and UCJC alumnus

This month we are discussing values, what values did school and university teach you? I will start by saying that SEK values have always been closely in line with those of my family and that if it hadn’t been the case my parents would have sent my sisters and I to a different school, but […]

Leticia Bueso-Inchausti, former SEK-El Castillo student, receives a scholarship for a stay at Harvard

Leticia Bueso-Inchausti, former student from the class of 2013 at SEK-El Castillo, has been one of the seven students from the Faculty of Medicine at  Complutense University, along with Harvard University, to be awarded a scholarship for her academic merits in medicine to do a one-month internship at a hospital associated with Harvard University. Leticia […]

Our SEK-Catalunya alumni tell us their stories of lockdown

Each of us has a story about the confinement brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. We have heard from some of our students and teachers and, now, SEK-Catalunya thought it would be a good idea to ask our alumni too. They have started with the story from our dear former student Mariel Sangrà. In addition […]

This month we are speaking with Cristina Ortega, medical doctor

We have been going through some very hard weeks due to COVID-19 and we will still have to go through some more, which is why, here at Alumni we wanted to take advantage of our monthly interview to showcase and thank the alumni who are working and fighting every day for this situation to end […]

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SEK Education Group has launched a project that connects past, present and future, particularly future, to mark its 125th anniversary. Aimed at the more than 100,000 SEK school and University Camilo José Cela alumni. Alumni bolsters ties, provides new opportunities and strengthens relationships, providing networking and mentoring in an increasingly international educational community.


Alumni allows you to be part of a true talent community and provides great added value to professional careers. Alumni are a crucial group for SEK in a project that offers a unique relationship environment.