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Five former students of SEK-Alborán, runners-up in Spain in university debate
SEK-Alborán - 03/10/2023

Five former students of SEK Alborán International School were runners up in the Spanish debate tournaments organised by the Spanish University Debate League (LEDU), from 29 September to 1 October at the Córdoba Trade Fair. Antonio Herrera, Claudia Ibáñez, Andrey Parrilla and María Sánchez were runners-up in the final of the LEDU Pre-University Cup, an […]

Manuel Beita, former student from Costa Rica at UCJC: “Studying at Camilo José Cela University has helped me fulfil my dreams”
UCJC - 18/09/2023

A university fair in Costa Rica was the beginning of a dream that Manuel Beita has culminated with his trip to Spain to collect his master’s degree in marketing and internalisation of Products and Services, which he completed in 2014. This former student from the Central American country decided to study at Camilo José Cela […]

Laura Mon, former UCJC student, breaks ground in Hollywood
UCJC - 08/09/2023

Laura Mon, a former student of the Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Communication at Camilo José Cela University, has made a name for herself in the Hollywood film industry thanks to her work in the artistic teams of major American film productions. What began as a first adventure on the film El Camino: A Breaking […]

Camilo José Cela University holds its 1st UCJC Alumni Meeting
UCJC - 09/06/2023

Camilo José Cela University has held the first alumni meeting in its history on its Villafranca Campus. This meeting was attended by more than a hundred former UCJC students, both graduates and postgraduates, who enjoyed an event with several conferences, musical performances and drinks for all attendees. Francisco López Muñoz, vice-rector for Research and Science […]

SEK-El Castillo celebrates 50 years with his former students from the class of 1991
SEK El Castillo - 08/06/2023

SEK El Castillo International School held a reunion with its Alumni from the class of 1991, who will be 50 years old in 2023, which coincides with the years of existence of SEK-El Castillo. More than 50 former students, some of whom live outside Madrid, and several emeritus teachers who taught them during their time […]

Dima Farré, former SEK-Ciudalcampo student wins the InOut Distribution short film competition
Cultura, Premios, SEK Ciudalcampo - 01/03/2023

Dima Farré, a former SEK-Ciudalcampo student and MediaLab professional at Camilo José Cela University, won first prize in the InOut Distribution short film contest. Las últimas palabras is the title of the short that, directed by Farré, took first prize the  first independent film distributor’s short film competition. “The best thing about doing a film project is […]

Fernando Calvo, former SEK-Atocha student, publishes the book La Guerra Civil. Una historia total
Cultura, SEK-Atocha - 23/02/2023

Fernando Calvo González-Regueral, former SEK-Atocha student and author of La Guerra Civil. Una historia total, featured on La hora cultural, shown on Radio Televisión Española, presented by Antonio Gárate Oronoz. Ricardo Arzola, editor of Arzalia, was the other guest on the program along with Fernando Calvo. Arzola said that the idea behind the book was […]

Camilo José Cela University opens the most sustainable campus in Spain in the finance heart of Madrid
Madrid, UCJC - 20/02/2023

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) is set to open the most sustainable urban campus in Spain, in the financial centre of Madrid, in the coming 2023-24 academic year. The new campus is located on Calle Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, next to Paseo de la Castellana, between Cuzco and Plaza de Castilla. The building spans four […]

Héctor Ibarra, former SEK-Ciudalcampo student, shares his experience working at the United Nations with SEK Education Group students
SEK Ciudalcampo - 18/01/2023

Students from SEK International Schools and Camilo José Cela University who take part in SEK’s MUN models (SEKMUN and MiMUN) were given the opportunity to listen to Héctor Ibarra, former SEK-Ciudalcampo student, who talked about his experience working with the United Nations in Lebanon, and how his life has changed since he decided to devote himself to […]

Saúl Manzano, former student of SEK-El Castillo, joins the Atapuerca research project
SEK El Castillo - 05/01/2023

Saúl Manzano, former SEK International School El Castillo student and current Botany professor at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences of the University of León, has joined the Atapuerca research project together with his partner Laura Rodríguez, from the department of Physical Anthropology. Both will work on the subproject directed by Juan Luis Arsuaga and José […]

Several former classes of SEK-Ciudalcampo alumni meet again at the school for Christmas
Networking, SEK Ciudalcampo - 21/12/2022

A group of about thirty students from the latest SEK-Ciudalcampo graduating years have met at the school to visit and chat with their former teachers, with whom they had a hot chocolate and churros and reminisced with anecdotes from their time at school. After lunch, several teachers organised a discussion in the Administration and Management […]

Lorenzo del Pozo, former Camilo José Cela University student, returns to Sporting de Gijón after working with the Spain squad
UCJC - 16/12/2022

The physiotherapist Lorenzo del Pozo, a former student at Camilo José Cela University, has returned to Sporting de Gijón seven years after leaving the Asturian club to form part of Luis Enrique’s coaching staff for the Spanish football team. Del Pozo, who studied the bachelor’s degree in Physical Activity Sciences at Camilo José Cela University, […]

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