To mark International Disability Day we are happy to be able to share an interview with Aitor Gonzalez Iglesias, former student on the Expert University Course in Social and Job Skills Training at University Camilo José Cela (part of the University Network Scheme at Fundación ONCE) that was originally published on the UCJC Foundation blog.

What does job and educational integration mean for people with disabilities?
It means that people with disabilities can become more independent, changing society to become better.

I would like to say a few words on the integration of disabled people in the job market and education, concerning people’s development.  Yes, we are all people, and we can make a better society, a space in which we can make a difference, where we can socialise with others.  And to companies I say, people with disabilities contribute new values and we influence company culture.  This means recognising people of all kinds, and it means a change and adjusting the job place to be more special and advanced, social and with greater values.  Therefore, we bring perseverance, continuity, hope, and represent the future.  People with disabilities contribute all those things.

What do people with disabilities contribute?
Just because I am disabled it does not mean I am faced with an obstacle I cannot overcome, wherever we go we leave our mark.  I am aware that barriers and harmful stigma will break down and disappear to make life more special.

Therefore, we will not feel isolated, harassed, made different and we will all be protected, so that our civilization gets used to change as it improves and, this will mean making a new and unbeatable life.

On November 14, Aitor was interviewed by Nacho Meneses for El País, read the full interview here.


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