The former student from Andalusia  Alma Haro studying her master’s degree in Architecture at Camilo José Cela University has exhibited three mixed media works in the collective exhibition entitled ‘Glass, paper and canvas’ from the JBF-Miromesnil Fine Art gallery in Paris. Haro’s three works share space with the works of seven other South American artists.

The exhibition, which will be open from 1 to 15 December, will showcase the former UCJC student’s work with materials as diverse as resin, glass and brass. The three works represent the triptych ‘Úteros de cristal, in which she uses epoxy resin on glass-supported mirrors, and the paintings ‘Sueño 3’ and ‘Sueño 4 Viajes de orinonauta’. These latter two have been made with epoxy resin on a mirror with a brass support.

Haro said that “the three works are the result of my attempt to capture a series of dreams and very intense emotions that I lived recently. Through art and my dream world I can transcend them”.

Looking ahead to next year, Alma Haro has scheduled her first individual exhibition in Madrid, at Mestiza Art Gallery, whose inauguration is scheduled for 2 February 2023 and where it will show a collection of between 20 and 30 mixed technique paintings.