Arantxa de la Chica is a former student on the Degree in Physiotherapy at a She also holds a master’s degree in Instrumental Physiotherapy and is currently a physiotherapist at the Spanish women’s football federation at La Rozas. Arantxa is currently studying a master’s in Osteopathy at UCJC and collaborates in the Fisiomed Sports Physiotherapy Clinic.

Arantxa, what brought you to the world of physiotherapy?
The truth is that I have always liked everything related to sports. While I studied at the Andrés de Vandelvira School and later at the Santa Catalina Institute in Alejandría de Jaén, I already combined my studies with football. And although I started playing in a mixed team, from the age of 14 I already had to play in a female team, Pub Nono´s de Arjon, where we got two promotions to play in the women’s second division. During that time, I also played several championships in Spain with the first Andalusian team and the under-23s. It was then that I injured my knee, I injured the three ligaments, the anterior cruciate ligament, internal meniscus and medial collateral ligament.
During the rehabilitation sessions the three ligaments broke again. It was then I decided that I wanted to be a physiotherapist and continue training to help and be involved in those delicate moments of a good recovery for any athlete.
Just when I began my physiotherapy studies, I injured my knee again (this time the left one) and I think that ended up convincing me that I had chosen the right path. My parents have been, and continue to be, my greatest motivation, particularly my mother, who has always seen the potential physiotherapist in me.

What memories do you have of your time at UCJC?
I have studied at different universities, with different methods and curricula, and I have taken away the best I can from each of them. But I always recommend University Camilo José Cela, because it has been the university that best promotes the permanent contact between teachers and students. They also promote continuous learning and career opportunities.
I couldn’t say what stayed with me the most, but I will always remember my end-of-degree project and when I presented it on women’s football and knee injuries, of course.

How did the job placement with UCJC go?
I was lucky and was able to go on job placements with UCAM from the ACB basketball league and the truth is that I learnt a lot about the sport and the club’s ethos and I also worked with youth teams every Friday for a year. My second job placement was at a hospital, working on each of the wards. Enrichment is the greatest apprenticeship. I went on two other job placements in Madrid, one of them at the clinic where I work now. They have probably been the best I’ve worked with, simply because they make you feel like a physiotherapist from the first day, and that is when I have felt most fulfilled. Everything they teach you is also very important and how they make your stay simple so that you always look forward to the next day.

And when you finished your studies, how did your job placement go?
I was lucky enough to be given the chance to work as a coach for the Spanish Football Federation, where while I coached the team I also worked as a physiotherapist (in practice). When I finished the degree I followed it up with two master’s in the same year, I worked as a physiotherapist at the Spanish Football Federation and at the women’s football club that my sister, together with the current president, set up four years ago in Las Rozas, the CFF OLYMPIA LAS ROZAS, of which I am currently also part.
Currently, I also work at Fisiomed, a clinic where I did my work placement and where I always say that as well as working, I continue to learn every day from my colleagues and patients.

Could you describe your time at UCJC in just one word?
In a word? ‘Future’. Any student who studies at UCJC does not just go to university; I think they go to the future.

And, what are your plans for the future?
To continue training professionally and personally through every experience. To finish the Master’s in Osteopathy and continue training in the different fields (there are lots) in my profession. To obtain my Master’s in Education and to be able to teach. To see my club grow and help make it possible. And to realise my dream of setting up a clinic with all the ideas that I have been collecting, always looking to ensure patient’s well-being.