Five former students of SEK Alborán International School were runners up in the Spanish debate tournaments organised by the Spanish University Debate League (LEDU), from 29 September to 1 October at the Córdoba Trade Fair.

Antonio Herrera, Claudia Ibáñez, Andrey Parrilla and María Sánchez were runners-up in the final of the LEDU Pre-University Cup, an event to which they qualified when they were still SEK-Alborán students in the 22/23 academic year. The four competed in a debate on the topic “Does education guarantee sufficient skills for working life?”

This generation of students has achieved many successes in debate throughout their school career at SEK-Alborán. They were champions of the Seneca university tournament and semi-finalists of the Tres Culturas university tournament, both at the University of Córdoba. They have also shone internationally at research and geopolitical events in Madrid, Brussels, New York and NASA, and stood out at SEK-Alborán as organisers of public speaking events, such as the University Tournament and the Nicolás Salmerón Debate Festival.

In the other competition of the weekend, the University Debate League, Carlos Amat, also a former student of SEK-Alborán, was proclaimed national runner-up with the Carlos III University, where he currently studies. Amat stood out in the final of this tournament with a conclusion that demonstrated his high level of oratory.