A few months ago we told you about the initiative that one of our former students from SEK-Ciudalcampo , Daniel Schaefer, set up a while ago, Tanzania Smile . It is a charity that emerged in a very spontaneous way: with a trip as a volunteer and since it was created, has made great things possible.

A few weeks ago, Daniel returned to Tanzania with the main objective of finishing the orphanage that is currently being built and that is very advanced thanks to the donations that people have made online and through social media. He has also taken material for the children (clothes, shoes, utensils for school, etc).

Apart from the shelter, work has begun on a “day centre” for children in the area who do not have access to school. As Daniel explained on social media, thanks to everything they are receiving “they will have a place to learn to read, write and add.  A place where they can play and develop as children until they have the possibility to go to school. A place where they are given opportunities”.

It has been a very productive journey where many dreams have come true and new ones have emerged that will become reality from now on with the help of you all, such as the construction of a water tank tower.

If you want to find out more about the project launched by our former student, Daniel Schaefer, visit: