Dima Farré, a former SEK-Ciudalcampo student and MediaLab professional at Camilo José Cela University, won first prize in the InOut Distribution short film contest. Las últimas palabras is the title of the short that, directed by Farré, took first prize the  first independent film distributor’s short film competition.

“The best thing about doing a film project is always the people”, said Dima Farré about what was the best thing about making a short film when asked in an interview for the podcast channel Protagonistas IESEK.

The main character of the short film is a frustrated screenwriter who is looking for inspiration to finish a movie script. In this way, he ends up meeting Cervantes, Shakespeare and the Moor of Venice, who inspire and help him.

The originality of the script and the excellent production in terms of colour and shape, added to the period costumes and the actors’ performances, have resulted in a harmonious ensemble that has led Dima Farré and his team to win the competition.