Last Saturday, 1 December, we welcomed sixteen former students at SEK-Santa Isabel for the SEK-San Ildefonso class of 82 reunion.

Most of them had not returned to school since they left after COU. Everyone agreed on how much the school had changed, but even so, they remembered some corners, its central staircase, the courtyard, and above all its gymnasium, where they saw how several things had been kept from their time and they took a group photo as a keepsake from this reunion.
One of the visits that most delighted all the former students was that of Esperanza Robles, one of their teachers who came to meet her students and remember their years at school. She is also a former student, so she has seen the school change over the years as a student and as a teacher.

At SEK Alumni we would like to thank the class of 82 from SEK-San Ildefonso for their visit and the affectionate memories, anecdotes and snapshots.
We will always welcome you if you want to return to your school!