This week, the blog for new UCJC students has interviewed Carmen Maldonado, current student of the joint degree in Nursing and Physiotherapy at University Camilo José Cela and former student of SEK – Alboran.

Carmen has answered five simple questions that may help students who are unsure what and where to study.

Why did you choose to study the Degree in Nursing and Physiotherapy?

I chose to study the joint degree in nursing and physiotherapy, because I liked physiotherapy, but also because since I was little I have been very interested in the world of hospitals and their work, then I saw this new option and how they complemented each other, and I decided to do it.

And why did you choose University Camilo José Cela

I came to study at University Camilo José Cela because I spent all my life at SEK Alborán and I did very well. In addition, I saw this joint degree that seemed very interesting and few universities had it. Now that I’m finishing, I look back and think I would definitely study here again.

What was the best thing about these degree years?

What I liked most about my years at university has been the very close relationship between lecturers and students. It is great to be able to have lecturers who talk about patients and cases they treated the day before in their clinic, having such hands-on experience with real cases. They explain things to us from different perspectives so that we are the ones who think and know how to face the working world once we leave.

Give us three words that sum up your experience at UCJC

Three words … Different, enriching and unique.

And one recommendation for future students?

My recommendation is that they study what they really like, what moves them to be better each day. University is a wonderful stage in life, and you have to take advantage and get the most out of it, and when you leave you should not only aim to be a good professionals, you should aim to be the best.