The Blog for New UCJC Students has interviewed Jacobo Fernández, former SEK-El Castillo and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences student at University Camilo José Cela, to help students who are still unsure about what to study.

Why did you choose to study the degree in Sports Science?

I chose to study Sports Science because I have loved sports since I was little, and I would like to dedicate myself to it in the future. Studying something that I love makes it much easier.

And why did you choose University Camilo José Cela?

I decided to study at University Camilo José Cela not only because it has great teachers, but also, because of its sports programme which helps me to combine my studies with sports competition.

What was the best thing about these years at UCJC?

What I like the most about University Camilo José Cela, apart from its campus and facilities, are the people who work here. The teaching faculty is what really makes a university.

Give us three words that sum up your experience at UCJC

I have been thinking and many come to mind, but I have decided on freedom, professionalism and happiness.


Read the full interview here.