The Blog for New UCJC Students has interviewed María Steensma, former University Camilo José Cela student on the Degree in Protocol and Event Management, to help students who are still unsure what and where to study.

Why did you choose to study Protocol and Event Management?
I have always been more drawn to arts than sciences and when I heard about this degree I thought that it fit perfectly with what I liked at the time and I could see myself working in this field and getting job satisfaction from it.

And why did you choose University Camilo José Cela?
I chose University Camilo José Cela since I realised that it was an ideal university to study this degree. The teaching staff were all highly qualified and did not only focus on the degree from a theoretical standpoint. All the subjects placed great emphasis on the practical side, I have always thought that having a good theoretical grounding is essential, but that degrees should be much more practical, and UCJC gave me a chance to work that way. In addition, its Almagro building in Madrid city centre gives you the opportunity to do work placement in agencies and companies while you finish the degree.

What was the best thing about these degree years?
Over my years at university I have been able to meet wonderful people (both professors and students) with whom I have been able to learn professionally and personally and after leaving university everything I have learned has helped me to apply it in my current job.

Give us three words that sum up your experience at UCJC
Experience, expertise and maturity


Read the full interview here.