This February we are fortunate to be able to introduce you to a new Alumni member who has a lot to say, and he does so in his books and publications, since Fernando Calvo González-Regueral earns a living as a writer. He tells us about how he started and how school contributed to his personal and professional development.

Fernando, what years did you study at SEK?
Preschool: SEK Santa Isabel, 1976; EGB: SEK Atocha 45, 1977-1985; BUP: SEK San Ildefonso, 1986-1989. My entire school life except COU (sixth form)

What memories do you have of your time at SEK?
I have wonderful memories. As I am lucky to have a great memory, I even remember the preschool playground at Santa Isabel. I was very happy in EGB and also in BUP, although due to the changes of adolescence I had a more turbulent time there. But I still have a good handful of friends, of those you make for a lifetime, and the memories of the playground and the classrooms, of that little Madrid street in San Ildefonso and rooftop always make me smile and give me a warm feeling.
In academic terms, looking back, I learned a lot from teachers and management, which for me represent a perfect mix of learning school subjects, but, above all, a humanistic education. The entire institution educated in values and from what I see continues to do so, without making a great fuss, but with perseverance and trust in people. I remember the Principal, Mrs. Henar, Don Cándido with his Latin and chivalry, Lola, who taught me to love literature, Conchita in Mathematics … (I am listing from memory and only the teachers from BUP, which I also see now were brilliant teachers of their subjects and model examples of behaviour, decent and who practiced what they preached).

What did you go on to do when you finished your studies?
I studied Business Studies in Alcalá de Henares, a degree that I have learnt to love over time, understanding that applied Economics must always be based on Ethics, as Aristotle already defined it in Antiquity. I taught courses at CEOE and then worked over 10 years in financial services, including stays in Latin America for the implementation of micro loan projects. Since 2011 I have worked almost full time in the cultural world, not only as a writer, but as a promoter of cultural companies and consultant for advertising, design and artistic creation companies.

What do you currently do (sector, company, position, etc.)?
My main occupation is literature, mainly essay and historical research, but also fiction. I have a small business to promote cultural activities (guided visits to museums, literary tours of the city, writing of texts for museums, advice to publishers and audiovisual projects …) and I continue as an economic-financial advisor for families and businesses, usually SMEs (freelance).

Some of Fernando’s books and publications:
Los versos que yo te mando. Winner Poetry Prize University of Alcalá de Henares, 1995
La soledad matemática. Finalist Poetry Prize Madrid Book Fair, 1999
Queridísima Elena (Histroic novel). Galland Books, Valladolid, 2009
Historical research
Atlas de batallas de la Guerra Civil. Susaeta, Madrid, two editions, 2011 and 2019
La Guerra Civil en la Ciudad Universitaria. Ediciones La Librería, Madrid, 2012 (four editions, the third and fourth corrected and augmented, 2019)
Guerra Civil española. Los libros que nos la contaron (La antorcha). Almuzara, Córdoba, 2017
Hacia el Centenario: la Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid a sus 90 años (et al.), Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 2018
Paisajes de guerra. Arqueología e Historia (, AUDEMA, Alcalá de Henares, 2019
Essays and others
Manual de creatividad literaria de la mano de los grandes autores (Literatura y Vida), Berenice/Asociación Psiquiatría y Vida, Madrid, 2019
History consultant for the TV series DIME QUIÉN SOY (based on the novel by Julia Navarro; to be broadcast on Movistar)
Editorial Director for the Biblioteca La Guerra Civil Contada por sus Protagonistas for Almuzara, Córdoba (republishing classical books on the Spanish Civil War from both sides to mark the 80th anniversary)
Magazines and seminars
Regular collaborations for magazines such as Madrid Hstórico, La Ilustración, Revista de Historia Militar, ARES… Speaker in summer courses at El Escorial (Complutense University of Madrid. Historical vision of Don Quijote, 2015 and Ciudad Universitaria, a truncated project, 2017) and other forums Teaching the literature workshop of the Asociación Psiquiatría y Vida over three courses, from 2015-2016: Literatura y Vida
or 2016-2017: Poesía y Vida
or2017-2018: Teatro y Vida