We were lucky to catch up with Julia Esteban at an Alumni class reunion. She told us about how much affection she has for her former school and classmates and about her professional career after leaving SEK.

What year to what year were you at SEK and what years did you study?
I joined SEK at the age of 4, in 1968. I went to preschool, years 1, 2 and 3 of primary at the school on Calle Atocha, from years 4 to 7 of primary I went to Santa Isabel and from year 8 primary to secondary to the school on San Ildefonso where I finished at 17, the class of 82.
Many years of school full of great memories.

What memories do you have of your time at SEK?
My time at SEK was very beautiful and enriching, I remember those moments with joy and nostalgia. The school instilled in me the values that I have today, they taught me much of the knowledge that over time I have been expanding to become what I am today.
Throughout my whole period at school I had great teachers who I remember with great affection, and I have the good fortune to have seen them again in recent years. In fact, I have a lot of contact with my favourite teacher, Esperanza Robles (Literature), I am fortunate and it is a great pleasure to have her as a friend.
And of course my former classmates, we have met several times and the truth is that it feels like the years had not passed, some of them are already part of my life on a daily basis, we keep in touch, we call each other, some of us even have a WhatsApp group, we say good morning every day, what more can you ask for.
Last year we visited San Ildefonso for a reunion, seeing the classes, the gym, the dining room brought back many memories…so much nostalgia and joy.

What did you go on to do when you finished your studies?
Since I left school, my professional life has taken me on different paths, expanding knowledge and touching on very different sectors (logistics, food, textiles, conferences, etc.), until in 1994 I founded the marketing and advertising company with my partner Vees Comunicación, which has just celebrated 25 years in business.

How does a company transform and reinvent itself to adapt to changes for 25 years?
It is not easy since it requires a lot of effort and always being attentive to market movements. If we have always opted for something in my company, it is technology, always having the latest software and hardware tools makes things a lot easier.
In addition, technology is also important in a market as competitive and aggressive as marketing and advertising, being aware of all the changes that occur quickly, understanding and assuming them.
Another important factor in my company is diversity, we have always opted for service; the client needs to be given very different solutions and you cannot say that you do not do this or that. Therefore, we are a full-service marketing company on and offline.

How has your sector changed in 25 years compared to today?
If we look back 25 years, what was done and how it was done for our customers has changed completely. In 1994 we already had mobile phones in the agency, computers, fax, etc., however, everything was too analogue.
Undoubtedly, the great leap that technology took in all aspects meant important changes in the methods, hours of work and billing of these. Everything began to be done much faster and cheaper.
Another important change was the development of the Internet and later the progress in web 2.0 with the start of social networks.
Marketing has gone from being offline to online in a few years and it was important to change with it. Particularly since if you know about marketing it will be much easier for you to know and implement digital marketing for customers.
As I usually say “or you acclimatize, or acclimatidie”, it is simply the adaptation of the species as Darwin would say.
Marketing is constantly evolving, new forms, new tools, but what keeps you in the game is know-how, expertise and service.