We start the new year full of challenges, ideas and the aim of continue to grow and contribute to our community through our former student’s talent. Today we are interviewing Antonio Manuel Suárez,  SEK-El Castillo alumnus, who since leaving school in 2015 has continued to grow personally and professionally.

Antonio, what is your experience in team management?
My first experience in team management was at SEKMUN, and I must admit that it was disastrous. I am a perfectionist and my nerves and the pressure to do things well got the best of me. So much so that I thought that I would never be a team leader, so that I would not have to face similar problems in the future. However, little by little, after participating in several editions of MiMUN-UCJC and taking part in some entrepreneurial projects with Telefónica, I began to understand how an idea should be transmitted and how important it was for your teammates to share your passion for developing it. It was then that I decided to take the step and create the University Association for Development and International Cooperation, with which we intended to offer volunteer opportunities to university students from all over Spain and to provide training in Human Rights and even creating our own model United Nations. The project lasted two years, with its swings and roundabouts, but I learnt a great deal, about strategic and organisational planning, a bit of finance, marketing, law …

After leaving this Association, I created another at the beginning of this year. In this case, after deciding that my professional vocation will definitely focus on strategic consulting, I saw that I needed to considerably strengthen my financial knowledge (which was practically nil). So, after several months looking for young talent that could accompany me in this new adventure, I managed to found the Global Investment Banking Club, a university stock exchange club from which we operate with real money to obtain the highest profitability in a Stock Exchange League in which 31 other clubs from all over Spain participate.

What, in your opinion, is the relationship between team management and leadership?
For me, leadership is the ability to empathise with the rest of the team, understand them not only as professionals, but also as people, and take advantage of that so that they always give their best.
What skills / capacities / competences do you think a person must have in order to manage teams? Can anyone do it?
I thought that team management was something simple, and I realised that it really is a challenge. I think the reason why I like it so much now is because you never know with what problem you will find yourself the next day and you have to always be alert. Also, I am lucky to be part of a team of people who not only believe in me, but also in the project we share.

However, it is also true that there are people who prefer to be more passive about it and are satisfied with just receiving orders. In the end everyone has a different personality and although we can agree more or less, we must understand and respect other people’s opinion.

I think that anyone who shows commitment to carrying out an idea will do everything in their power to make it happen. And at first you may stumble innumerable times, but with persistence you will be able to place your ideal “alongside the stars”, honouring the well-known phrase of D. Felipe Segovia.

If you want to know more about Antonio Manuel:

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