This year we are marking the 25th anniversary of the Intelligent Classroom, a learning community, whose main objective has always been the development of intelligence and values of each SEK student.

This month, like every year, SEK Education Group will organise the Felipe Segovia Symposium and on this occasion, the act will be devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Intelligent Classroom. That is why this month we wanted to talk to Barbara Acute, former SEK-El Castillo student, since she remembers the Intelligent Classroom well, how it was applied and continues to be applied at SEK and how important the teaching methods has been for students over the past 25 years.

Bárbara, from what year to what year were you at SEK-El Castillo and what years did you study?

I joined the school in year 8 of EGB up to COU (I was born in 1983, so I was in the class of 2001).

What memories do you have of your time at SEK?

I have wonderful memories, without a doubt a fantastic life experience. I made great friends that I stay in touch with, had amazing teachers that I admired and was able to indulge my great passion, horse riding. In those years I had was proud to represent the school, winning the Spanish Championship every year and taking 7th place in the European Championship.

What did you go on to do when you finished your studies?

I started a degree in Advertising and PR and finished top of my class in Tourism and studied a Masters in International Protocol. I have always combined my studies with the working world and from the beginning I knew that my vocation was marketing and events. I ended up with my own agency and I am currently Account Director and Commercial Assistant Director of Auriga (ACCIONA Group).

This month we are marking the 25th anniversary of the Intelligent Classroom on SEK Day, what is it and how is this methodology applied in SEK schools?

It is an innovative learning system applied in a technological, dynamic and practical way.

What has the Intelligent Classroom meant to you?

I learnt to work as a team, lead projects, speak in public and, above all, the capacity of analysis that is so important for the job market.