This month we are discussing values, what values did school and university teach you?
I will start by saying that SEK values have always been closely in line with those of my family and that if it hadn’t been the case my parents would have sent my sisters and I to a different school, but we were always taught that work, perseverance and effort are worthwhile, both at home and at school.
Effort has never been open to negotiation. We had everything within our reach, all the possibilities you could imagine, but to reach them we had to overcome a series of obstacles. Those obstacles have always been easier to overcome with the support of our teachers who were incredible people, who forged my character, with their knowledge and the challenges they set us and always based on our personal experiences outside school, making me what I am today.

What values have helped you most professionally?
As I already mentioned, values of work, effort and perseverance are key, because I believe that they are the foundation that enables you to go much farther in life.
In my case to this day, some of the things that have helped me most and continue to facilitate my work on a daily basis are being able to work in a team with all kinds of people. It is something that is fundamental for my day to day work. You cannot live in isolation and try to do everything by yourself, so being able to adapt to a group and know how to manage that group, becomes a fundamental task.
SEK values also instilled in us a critical and open outlook that is also crucial. There is always the possibility of looking for alternatives, discussing them and being able to find other ways of doing things. This is essential when taking decisions.
Another thing I learnt at SEK and that I apply continuously today is interdisciplinarity. Nothing stands in isolation, everything is interlinked. Just as philosophy is an essential subject for students who wish to study telecommunications engineering, agricultural production is worth nothing without industrial transformation or proper commercialisation. If I have managed to grow the best olives in the world, but I am not able to extract the oil correctly or subsequently sell that oil in the way that benefits me the most, my value chain remains incomplete and has no added value.
All these SEK values, and of course my parents (fundamental aspect of the SEK education process) have afforded me a great capacity to adapt in the face of adversity, which is what I think most helps me in my day to day.