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What is Alumni?

At SEK Education Group we are aware of the importance of our former students and have launched Alumni.

With this project, SEK aims to bring together and reunite our over 100,000 alumni so that they are able to keep in touch, ensuring our mutual bond is maintained and we can offer them support in their present and future endeavours. We also aim to continue growing and innovating by involving our former students in their educational development.

If you are a former SEK school student or studied at University Camilo José Cela (Official qualification from UCJC (not partner centres) or UCJC qualification or vocational training, minimum one year in length), you can register and join Alumni, a community that is growing every day and that provides a space for opportunities and collaboration, exclusive services, and much more.

Alumni Benefits
Alumni Directory
Education grants
Discounts at UCJC Sports Club
Events and activities (courses, workshops, etc.)