On 22 January we received a visit from José Nuño Estévez, former student from the class of 2005 at SEK-Atlántico. José is an Industrial Engineer and expert in new energy sources working on the Magallanes Project, based in Redondela (Pontevedra). The Magallanes Project is the only Spanish project in an advanced stage of development that researches the generation of electricity from tidal energy. It uses floating technology without any dams and without requiring constructions or pillars on the seabed. Its great advantages include low maintenance costs, since its machine rooms are accessible, lower installation costs and greater efficiency. Since these installations float, they adapt to all marine environments, and have low environmental impact.

Science students from year 4 secondary school and year 1 Baccalaureate  showed great interest in this project and tidal energy. Not only did he explain to them what this type of energy consists of, but he also showed them photographs, videos and infographics on the subject, including a live connection to the permanent webcams affixed to the company’s platform, located in the Orkney Islands, off the coast of Scotland.

It was certainly one of the most interesting conferences we have hosted at the school over this year. Thank you very much to José for his visit and for sharing with us his knowledge on this little known and exciting topic.