A university fair in Costa Rica was the beginning of a dream that Manuel Beita has culminated with his trip to Spain to collect his master’s degree in marketing and internalisation of Products and Services, which he completed in 2014.

This former student from the Central American country decided to study at Camilo José Cela University after learning about its educational offering at a higher education fair that was held in his native country, Costa Rica, and which, as he himself has endorsed, “my dream was always about coming to live in Spain to study and obtain my degree, and thanks to Camilo José Cela University I am fulfilling it.”

To collect his degree at the UCJC Villafranca Campus, Manuel Beita has invited his parents -Jesús Beita and Dinia Gamboa-, his brother -Andrés Beita-, his sister-in-law -Keylin Fernández- and his partner -Ana Mora-to travel to Madrid, with whom he wanted to share his success.

Beita is currently a product manager at a software development company called The Lifetime Value Company. His goal now is to come to work in Spain for this same technology company.