The University Camilo José Cela School of Communications and Humanities has celebrated Safe Internet Day 2020 today. Among the speakers was one of our former Criminology students at UCJC, Nacho Abad, journalist, criminologist and expert who frequently appears of the Espejo Público program for Antena 3.

Also taking part were Marta Robles, journalist, writer and regular guest on Espejo Público for Antena 3; Nestor Iván San Celestino, policeman, Dr Ana Fernández Pardo, teacher and manager for influencers and celebrities; Dr Francisco Santamaría, professor at UCJC and expert in ICT Law, Javier González Espadas, expert lawyer in Data Protection and Electronic Commerce Law and Javier de Hoyos, journalist, actor, model and Audiovisual Communications graduate and Master’s gradate in Television Journalism.

In his talk, Nacho Abad said that “the task confronting young people is huge, because social media is a huge problem and should have their own subject in law faculties: knowing what crimes can be committed and how they can be solved”.