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This month we talk to Gabriel Alonso, Policy Officer at the European Commission
Entrevista, interview, SEK-Atlántico - 02/02/2022

What years did you study at SEK? At which SEK school were you at? I studied at SEK-Atlántico in Pontevedra from 2006 to 2012. I started in the first year of secondary school and continued until I finished Baccalaureate. What memories do you have of your time at school? I have fantastic memories of school, […]

Coursera & SEK Life-Long-Learning
Uncategorized - 28/01/2022

The second phase of the Coursera & SEK Life-Long-Learning scheme has begun, allowing members of the Alumni community to access a selection of courses on the Coursera platform, categorised by topic and suitability for each group. This exclusive scheme for Alumni members offers you the chance to update your skills and professional knowledge. In addition […]

Raúl Entrerríos, former UCJC student, bronze medalist at the 2021 Handball World Cup
Sport, UCJC - 04/03/2021

Raúl Entrerríos, former UCJC student, along with the rest of the Spanish handball team, won the bronze medal at the 2021 World Championship, played in Egypt from 13 to 31 January. The ‘Hispanos’, as the players of the men’s national handball team are commonly known, achieved this historic medal after defeating France in the match for third […]

The website Mujer Emprendedora interviews Silvia Romero, UCJC graduate
interview, UCJC - 04/03/2021

Silvia Romero Perez, former student on the Master’s Degree in Project Management at Camilo José Cela University, gave an interview to the website In the interview, we can learn interesting things about Silvia such as that at just 24 years old, and together with her partner Alberto Aznar, she founded the startup Beseif, a payment […]

Miguel Angel Rubio, former SEK-Alboran student, awarded with the first photography prize
award, SEK-Alborán - 04/03/2021

This year the Onda Cero Natural Spaces of Almería Photography Competition celebrated its twenty-first edition. Miguel Angel Rubio, a former SEK-Alboran student, took first prize with his photograph entitled El sueño del flamenco. Congratulations!   More information here.

Daniel Villoria, former SEK-Atlántico student, named the best ophthalmologist in Spain, according to the Doctoralia Awards
award, interview, SEK-Atlántico - 04/03/2021

The 2020 Doctoralia Awards have recognised doctor Daniel Villoria, a specialist at Clínica Villoria, in Vigo, as the best ophthalmologist in Spain. Daniel is a former SEK-Atlántico student and we wanted to interview him to talk about his time at school, his professional career and this award that is an important recognition of his work. From what year […]

Leticia Bueso-Inchausti, former SEK-El Castillo student, receives a scholarship for a stay at Harvard
SEK El Castillo - 12/05/2020

Leticia Bueso-Inchausti, former student from the class of 2013 at SEK-El Castillo, has been one of the seven students from the Faculty of Medicine at  Complutense University, along with Harvard University, to be awarded a scholarship for her academic merits in medicine to do a one-month internship at a hospital associated with Harvard University. Leticia […]

Our SEK-Catalunya alumni tell us their stories of lockdown
SEK Catalunya - 08/04/2020

Each of us has a story about the confinement brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. We have heard from some of our students and teachers and, now, SEK-Catalunya thought it would be a good idea to ask our alumni too. They have started with the story from our dear former student Mariel Sangrà. In addition […]

This month we are speaking with Cristina Ortega, medical doctor
SEK-Alborán - 01/04/2020

We have been going through some very hard weeks due to COVID-19 and we will still have to go through some more, which is why, here at Alumni we wanted to take advantage of our monthly interview to showcase and thank the alumni who are working and fighting every day for this situation to end […]

Interview with Jacobo Fernández, former SEK-El Castillo and UCJC student
Deporte, SEK El Castillo, UCJC - 31/03/2020

The Blog for New UCJC Students has interviewed Jacobo Fernández, former SEK-El Castillo and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences student at University Camilo José Cela, to help students who are still unsure about what to study. Why did you choose to study the degree in Sports Science? I chose to study Sports Science because I have […]

Our SEK-Catalunya alumni join a school sports challenge
Deporte, SEK Catalunya - 30/03/2020

SEK-Catalunya Physical Education teachers have challenged their educational community to ensure that, even though we have to stay at home, we do not stop exercising and playing sports at home. The challenge consists in doing a maximum number of push-ups in a set time and has been accepted by other schoolteachers, students and some of […]

Borja Montón, former SEK-El Castillo student, offers a very special magic show
SEK El Castillo - 27/03/2020

Borja Montón, former SEK-El Castillo student, gave a very special magic show this afternoon for all of us at home. On this occasion, it brought together almost 10,000 people. His magic show was offered from his official Institute of Magic-Domina la magia website. The show was aimed at both kids and grownups, with interactive magic […]

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