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Fran Acién, former student of SEK-Alborán, at the school STEAM week
SEK-Alborán - 07/02/2020

Among the activities at SEK-Alboran  over their STEAM week is a Hackathon held today at the school, featuring Fran Acién, former SEK-Alborán student, who is acting as one of the competition’s judges. This year is the fourth edition of this initiative and students from year 3 and 4 of Secondary School and Baccalaureate have to finish their […]

Rocío Escobar, former SEK-Alborán student, presents her new book to students of the school
SEK-Alborán - 04/02/2020

Rocío Escobar Castañeda, former student from the class of 2019 at SEK-Alboran, has just published her new book, La luz de mis noches en vela, and has presented it to the students in year two secondary school. During her presentation, she spoke about her reasons for writing her book, her personal experiences, what steps she had […]

This month we talk to the writer Fernando Calvo González-Regueral
interview, SEK San Ildefonso, SEK Santa Isabel, SEK-Atocha - 03/02/2020

This February we are fortunate to be able to introduce you to a new Alumni member who has a lot to say, and he does so in his books and publications, since Fernando Calvo González-Regueral earns a living as a writer. He tells us about how he started and how school contributed to his personal […]

José Nuño, former SEK-Atlántico student, gives a talk at the school
Charla, Orientación, SEK-Atlántico, Talento, Visita - 31/01/2020

On 22 January we received a visit from José Nuño Estévez, former student from the class of 2005 at SEK-Atlántico. José is an Industrial Engineer and expert in new energy sources working on the Magallanes Project, based in Redondela (Pontevedra). The Magallanes Project is the only Spanish project in an advanced stage of development that researches the […]

José Luis Escobar, former SEK-Alborán student, gives a workshop for students
Debate, Orientación, SEK-Alborán - 29/01/2020

José Luis Escobar, former student from the class of 2015, visited SEK-Alboran to give a workshop on debating for the students from Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate who take the extracurricular debate subject taught by Javier Eladio and to students taking part in debate tournaments representing SEK-Alborán. During the workshop he looked back on his debating career at school. […]

Jesús Herrero, former UCJC student, gives a talk to the students at University Camilo José Cela
UCJC - 27/01/2020

Jesús Herrero Poza, a former student on the Master’s Degree in Image and Political Consultancy at University Camilo José Cela, gave a talk last Friday to students at this university. Currently, Jesus works as advisor to the Minister of Finance in the Ministry for Finance and Civil Service. The conference included talks on his professional […]

We interviewed Delfina Scafati, former student from the Degree in Psychology at UCJC
UCJC - 20/01/2020

The Blog for New UCJC Students has interviewed Delfina Scafati, former University Camilo José Cela student on the Degree in Psychology, who helped students who are still unsure what and where to study. Why did you choose to study the Degree in Psychology? Ever since I was a child, I have been curious about human behaviour. And why […]

Interview with Gabriel Meisel and María Ruiz, former UCJC students
UCJC - 09/01/2020

The UCJC Health and Sports Blog interviewed Gabriel Meisel and Maria Ruiz, former students of the Master’s in Instrumental Physiotherapy and founders of Myo · Active. What is your clinic called and what type of patients do you treat? Myo Active is a physiotherapy clinic that deals primarily with musculoskeletal injuries in sports and work … and pelvic floor issues and […]

This month we talk to Javier Alberite, former SEK-Santa Isabel and SEK-Ciudalcampo student
SEK Ciudalcampo, SEK Santa Isabel, Talent, UCJC - 07/01/2020

We start a new year by getting to know new talent in our Alumni community.  This month we talk to Javier Alberite, former SEK-Santa Isabel and SEK-Ciudalcampo student. What years were you at SEK? I joined SEK-Santa Isabel in 1999 and I studied there from year 3 Early Childhood to year 4 of Primary.  From the following year (2004/05) […]

We interviewed Patricia Sánchez, former student of the Degree in Psychology at UCJC
interview, UCJC - 03/01/2020

The Blog for New Students at UCJC interviewed Patricia Sánchez Caja, a former student of the Degree in Psychology at University Camilo José Cela. Currently, she is studying the Master’s in General Health Psychology at UCJC and doing the Doctorate in Basic Applied Neuroscience also at our university. Why did you choose to study the Degree in […]

SEK-Alborán alumni celebrate the 20th anniversary of their school
Meeting, SEK-Alborán - 24/12/2019

There was an emotional reunion of former students to mark the 20th anniversary of SEK-Alboran. Four hundred former students from eighteen different graduating years, the four former principals who have been heads of the school since its founding in 1999, Don Ricardo Sánchez, Doña Guadalupe Sánchez, Don Fernando Pérez and Don Luis Carlos Jiménez, and a […]

SEK-Atlántico alumni celebrate the 30th anniversary of their school
Meeting, SEK-Atlántico - 24/12/2019

This Saturday, 21 December, SEK-Atlántico opened its doors to welcome our former students to mark our 30th anniversary. We were accompanied by many former students who took photographs, shared anecdotes, and met up with old friends. The event featured addresses by Julian Iglesias (secondary school coordinator), Javier Mareque, former student and Jacobo Olmedo, current school principal.  Afterwards we all enjoyed a reception […]

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