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Antonio Fabregat, SEK-Ciudalcampo alumnus, proclaimed best speaker in the world the English as a foreign language category
award, SEK Ciudalcampo - 04/01/2019

Antonio Fabregat,  SEK-Ciudalcampo alumnus, has been proclaimed ‘World’s best speaker in English’ in the English as a Foreign Language category. Fabregat, who is also a debate instructor for SEK International Schools and the University Camilo José Cela Debate Club, has managed, along with Javier de la Puerta, to win championships in two of the categories […]

This month we talk about Team Management with Antonio Manuel Suárez, SEK-El Castillo alumnus
Entrevista, interview, SEK El Castillo, Testimonio, Testimony - 03/01/2019

We start the new year full of challenges, ideas and the aim of continue to grow and contribute to our community through our former student’s talent. Today we are interviewing Antonio Manuel Suárez,  SEK-El Castillo alumnus, who since leaving school in 2015 has continued to grow personally and professionally. Antonio, what is your experience in […]

Alumni Breakfast at SEK-Ciudalcampo
Alumni reunion, Encuentro Alumni, Madrid, Profesores, SEK Ciudalcampo, Teachers - 21/12/2018

Yesterday we held the traditional Alumni Breakfast that SEK-Ciudalcampo celebrates every year with the latest graduates, this time it was classes of 14-18. Sixty former students had breakfast again in the school dining room, a place that they remembered fondly. They were able to reunite and catch up with former schoolmates studying at different universities, […]

Former students of SEK-Catalunya offer guidance to secondary school students
Meeting, Orientation, SEK Catalunya - 18/12/2018

A few days ago, five former students of SEK-Catalunya visited us at school. They also gave an interesting informative session to secondary school students about their experience at university. They talked about career paths, ways of accessing university, requirements, possible scholarships, type of studies, level of mathematics required for some degrees, degrees in English, etc. […]

Interview with Santiago Belenguer, former student at SEK-Catalunya
award, Entrevista, interview, Premios, SEK Catalunya, Testimonio, Testimony - 04/12/2018

Santiago Belenguer, SEK-Catalunya alumnus, is the founder of Portadvisor, creators of the App that offers detailed information on all Spanish ports, beaches and coves. Portadvisor currently has more than 3,000 downloads in the App Store and Google Play stores and over 5,000 individual users and 50 companies. He obtained the first place in the 3rd […]

SEK-San Ildefonso Class of 82 Reunion
Alumni reunion, Madrid, SEK San Ildefonso, SEK Santa Isabel, Teachers - 03/12/2018

Last Saturday, 1 December, we welcomed sixteen former students at SEK-Santa Isabel for the SEK-San Ildefonso class of 82 reunion. Most of them had not returned to school since they left after COU. Everyone agreed on how much the school had changed, but even so, they remembered some corners, its central staircase, the courtyard, and […]

Former students of the class of 76 visit SEK-Santa Isabel
Encuentro Alumni, Madrid, Profesores, SEK San Ildefonso, SEK Santa Isabel, Visita - 29/11/2018

Javier Presol, Principal at SEK-Santa Isabel and former student of the school, has received this week the visit of several former students of the class of 1975/1976 from SEK-San Ildefonso.     They were able to see the school, as it has changed in these years and have been able to share with Javier memories and experiences […]

Adela González, SEK alumnus, receives recognition for her 25 years at SEK Education Group
Entrevista, Profesores, SEk Arturo Soria, SEK Ciudalcampo, SEK El Castillo - 26/11/2018

SEK Day was held on 16 November, and among those professionals receiving an award to mark 25 years at SEK Education Group was Adela González, a teacher at SEK-El Castillo and former student of SEK-Arturo Soria and SEK-Ciudalcampo. We wanted to talk to her and find out about her time at school, both as a student and as […]

This month we talk about internationalisation with Víctor Arribas, SEK alumnus
Uncategorized - 05/11/2018

  As the month begins at Alumni we want to talk about an important topic for us at SEK Education Group, the internationalisation of our schools, our students and their educational development. We had the opportunity to interview Víctor Arribas, SEK alumnus from the class of 2018 and that, in addition to telling us about his time at […]

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