Each of us has a story about the confinement brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. We have heard from some of our students and teachers and, now, SEK-Catalunya thought it would be a good idea to ask our alumni too.
They have started with the story from our dear former student Mariel Sangrà.

In addition to studying at SEK-Catalunya, Mariel is now a SEK mum, since her son Hannibal is in year one of primary school.

Mariel explains that they are doing quite well. She cannot work from home and she spends her days with Hannibal’s remote classes, doing homework, connecting with loved ones through video calls, watching films, playing games, exercising … Mariel also explains that she only goes out to buy food and reminds us of the importance of respecting the lockdown.
Mariel and Hannibal are right, staying home is the best way to fight COVID-19.


If you also want to tell us how about your experiences of lockdown, you can write to us at alumni@sek.es.