This year, SEK Education Group is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Intelligent Classroom, ‘a singular and unique educational model that was born 25 years ago. A space for innovation that continues to advance and that today continues to be relevant and valid and points to the future of education in our time,’ said Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Education Group, at the Felipe Segovia Symposium.

A trailer for the Intelligent Classroom documentary was screened at the event, in which several of our SEK Alumni members took part including Barbara Acute, former SEK-El Castillo student (from minute 18:56 to 19:33 and from minute 01:03:29 to 01:04:06), Pedro Lirola, former SEK-Alboran student (from minute 52:40 to 54:14) and Jaber El Sayid, former SEK-Atlántico student (from minute 42:05 to 43:10).

Watch the full documentary here and learn more about the Intelligent Classroom and its 25 years of history, told by all members of the SEK educational community.