Talent UCJC aims to be an inspiring meeting of young talent, bringing together many former UCJC students with year 1 students who need positive guidance to focus their professional development plan over their undergraduate studies.

UCJC students learn from young professionals what the professional world is like, what trends are defining today’s new professional, how an entrepreneurial attitude can help you build a personal and professional brand, what skills are necessary to successfully enter the job market.

We have been joined this year by:

José Luis Morato, former student on the Degree in Transportation and Logistics of the class of 2018 and current student of the Master’s Degree in Logistics Business and Supply Chain Management.

Claudia Rojas, former nursing student.

Rocío Valdelomar, former student of Psychology from the class of 2016 and Master’s in General Health Psychology from the class of 2019.

Briseida Batalla, former student in Criminology and Security and Law.

Eva M. Calderón, former Law Degree student.

Verónica Gil, former BA and Law student.

Eduardo Siles, former Journalism student.

Fernando Sarmiento, former Film student.

Héctor Pilar, former Film student.

Pilar Tortosa, former Protocol student.