"I remember how my classmates became my family, how I acquired habits that have accompanied me to this day."

When I look back and remember my school years I cannot stop thinking about the year I spent in the SEK- Les Alpes, living together with 39 people in addition to the teachers, the weekends of activities, not just for skiing .., but I still remember the orienteering classes,  walking around school with compasses at the ready …, I remember the exchange with French host families and going to school with my French exchange as if I was never going to leave.

I am sure that my children, who are still too small, will enjoy this experience and I also believe that it also marked a very important part of our lives.”

My years boarding at SEK-El Castillo, I remember how my classmates became my family, and how I acquired habits that I still have today, and I try to instil in my children. With the perspective of the years one cannot help thinking that I could have made more of it… however one realizes much later.

I think that the SEK Alumni project will keep alive the spirit of the school years and the relationships with the former classmates.