"My two years at SEK Alborán will undoubtedly be part of the great personal life decisions."

At the age of 16 I transferred to SEK Alboran to study Baccalaureate before going on to university. It is undoubtedly one of the great personal decisions of my life, and I can simply say that it was an absolute success.

Arriving at a certain age in a new environment is sometimes not easy, and I must admit that at SEK Alborán it took me much less than I thought to fit in. From the beginning, the teachers did their best for me, above all, the great classmates with whom I would share the next two years welcomed me with open arms. Looking back with perspective, I can only thank all those people who altruistically opened up to the new kid in class.

Beyond the many friendships that were forged during those years (and remain intact today), I must mention the high standards in education and its commitment to enable us to pass the final university entrance exam, the main objective from the first day of the academic year. From the first day I was impressed by the teaching staff and their professionalism, and the results attained at the end of the long-distance run that was Baccalaureate attest to the investment made in a high-quality education.

SEK left its mark on me and I am convinced that much of what occurred later on in life was influenced to a large extent by my time there.

The SEK seal will always accompany us wherever we are, and I am convinced that this imprint that we all have tattooed is one that you never regret wearing. I bear the SEK flag proudly.