"They were crucial years because thanks to them I was able to prepare myself for my university entrance exams."

I was at SEK Ciudalcampo from year 2 of Baccalaureate until the end of school. Although it was for just a couple of years and the change of school was a great effort for me, since I came from another international school with very different curriculum and very different in scale, they were key years because thanks to them I was able to prepare myself for university entrance exams. Apart from that, I was able to continue with the International Baccalaureate, which is something that helped me establish a common thread with the previous school.

At first, I was a little overcome especially by the size, but I remember that the welcome from my classmates and teachers was very good and in a short time I was able to settle in. I have very good memories of the people, classmates and teachers, and the facilities and the surroundings of the school. For example, being able to have tennis in Physical Education seemed wonderful to me.

I worked as a freelance architect for a while and, for longer as part of different sized architect studios such as Olmos Ochoa Arquitectos and FM Arquitectos (CBRE). I also spent a very special year working as an architect and training in exhibition design at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. I have currently been working in 3g Office for over 4 years as an architect. I am Project Manager and I am involved in the design, development, building oversight and management of projects of different sizes. We have undertaken more than 3000 projects of different dimensions in more than 25 countries and have offices in Spain, Portugal and in Latin America

I am head of architecture for the 3g Office EDUCATION team. I take part in the organisation of an event that is part of a group called Smart Conversations, started in 2006 and with more than 100 editions so far around the world. This year, the most important cities in the world are hosting Smart Conversations. The multinational 3g Smart Group organises 25 international events, which analyse and disseminate the latest trends in the global transformation process in relation with factors of organisational culture and digitalization. Therefore, the first Education Design Conference dealt with the subject of change in the world of education, its future and how to deal with it.