"All my childhood is linked to SEK, I joined in Preschool and I left when I finished secondary school. My best friends are schoolmates that I see all the time."

When you have only been to one school, as is my case, all your childhood and your best friends come from back then. Thirteen years may not seem like much, but when those thirteen years are when you are four or five to seventeen or eighteen, it turns out to be a whole lifetime. I was very happy as a child at Kotska, and I remember it that way and say so all the time, because you should always be grateful. The reasons for that happiness probably do not fit onto a piece of paper, but they have to do with the light of its courtyards, with the joy that resonated in the stairwells, on the way to the classroom, with shared emotions, and with what I know today was generous devotion of the teachers. Today I am aware that the teachers do a very hard job and are never rewarded by seeing the fruits of their labour. Because the crop of students, in a city like Madrid, is scattered. That is why I am proud of my friendship with my dear Mr. Carlos Urdiales, of having been able to thank our former Principal, Mr. Abdón Calzado, when I met him a few years ago in Madrid and today give this testimony of gratitude, I have not had the opportunity to do it personally to so many teachers.