"The education I received was excellent, but what really treasure are all the practical skills that I have acquired: communication and organisation skills, among others."

I was a student at SEK-Catalunya from P3 to year 2 of Bachillerato. During my last stage in school I was offered the possibility of combining IB with the Spanish Bachillerato, and so I did. I think that this was an opportunity to learn, but above all, to acquire the ability to organise myself for the different subjects.

At SEK I was able to develop my artistic interests with the musical that is organised every year. We were among the first generations to carry out projects like this, and I think that now it is helping many students to realise their artistic talent.

On the other hand, the teachers and all the SEK staff were also very helpful for my training. I know that many of them are very pleased to hear from former students and love to chat to them and remember the past.